Why is My Air Conditioner Tripping the Circuit Breaker?

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Electrical circuit breakers are safety devices in your electrical system designed to keep your home and appliances safe and prevent overload on a particular circuit. Breakers trip for a reason, perhaps due to a weather event or a weak breaker. When resetting a brekaer never force it to go on. The same goes for a breaker that trips several times. If the breaker is hot to the touch, leave it alone and call a professional to diagnose the situation Always remember, you are dealing with extremely high voltage, higher amperage, and potentially high temperatures. These can have serious consequences like property damage, severe injury, or even death

So what can cause your AC breaker to trip? Here are a few reasons:

• Weak or worn out circuit breaker

• Faulty/loose wiring

• Issues with the compressor

• Dirty air conditioning filter

• Frozen or clogged evaporator coil

• Loss of refrigerant

So what can you do?

1. Reset Your Air Conditioning Circuit Breaker (Once and Only Once!)

Reset it once and only once, and see if your unit runs normally. If it doesn’t trip again, then it might have been a power surge from a thunderstorm, or something like that. If it keeps tripping, then something is wrong! Always reset a circuit breaker by ensuring that it is fully in the OFF position first (if not, move it there), then turning it back ON. If the circuit breaker trips the second that your air conditioner turns on, then there is nothing more you can do – leave the circuit breaker off and call your local HVAC repairman. The problem has to do with wiring or a short circuit.

2. Check Your Air Conditioning Filter

You might not realize is that a clogged air conditioning filter can also cause your air conditioner’s circuit breaker to trip. If your AC filter is clogged the airflow to your unit is lessened, causing it to work longer and harder. Over time, this can cause your air conditioner to overheat and trip your circuit breaker. Check your air filter and check it often.

3. Check Your Condenser Coil

You need to check your condenser coil. Just has your air filter needs to be cleaned to allow proper airflow, the condenser coil needs to be clean allowing the airflow to pass freely through the coil. Make sure that this is free of dirt, leaves and debris. If it isn’t, then clean it out with your garden hose. Clean the coils and make the system work easier.

4. Low Refrigerant Can Cause an AC Circuit Breaker to Trip

Checking the refrigerant charge in your air conditioning system is not something that you can do yourself. The most likely cause for a tripped circuit breaker is some kind of change in the system. Loss of refrigerant can cause your air conditioner to work harder than it did before. A tripped circuit breaker can be a sign of this, so have your local HVAC contractor check your air conditioning system thoroughly.

5. Loose Wiring, Older Components and Wiring Short Circuits can Cause the AC Circuit Breaker to Trip

An air conditioner has an average lifespan of somewhere around 10-15 years, depending on your location and how well you maintain the system. If the reason is due to a faulty or loose breaker, or a loose electrical connection, the electricity is being interrupted and needs to be reconnected. You’re air conditioning specialist will find the parts that are loose and/or faulty and repair them as needed.

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