I Think I Just Need Refrigerant Added to My Air Conditioner

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Air Conditioner Repair Allen TX

Every year we get a number of calls from customers whose units are not cooling. They often believe all they need is refrigerant. If your unit is low on refrigerant, you may have a leak. The air conditioning refrigeration system is a sealed system, and if you are adding refrigerant then we need to address an underlying problem. We will always ask if you have ever had to add refrigerant to your system and if so, when was the last time  

If you have never added refrigerant to your system we can recharge the system to the manufacturer recommendations and see how long the charge lasts. Sometimes leaks start out small so the charge may last for the entire season or longer. Just adding freon is really like a band aid and does not address the real problem. To truly address the issue you need to perform a leak search and determine where the refrigerant is leaking from and then repair or replace the components.


Proper refrigerant levels are not only necessary for keeping your home cool and comfortable. They are also needed to keep your compressor cool. If your system is low on refrigerant, it will cause your compressor to run hot which in turn can cause compressor failure. So now the smaller problem has become a much larger problem and larger problems equal more money out of pocket.


When you realize your system is not cooling, turn it off and call your HVAC contractor immediately. We tell our customers if they need air circulation, they can turn the fan to on and turn the cooling off until we can arrive. This will allow the indoor blower to continue to run and circulate the air but bypass the outdoor unit and not cause any further damage to your system.

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Air Conditioning Repair Allen TX

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