Why is my Air Conditioning System not Blowing Cold Air?

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There’s nothing worse than sitting in your home and realizing that your air conditioning system is blowing hot air--especially during the hot Texas summer months. So what could be the causes this problem? Below are some of the most common reasons and things to check:

1. Check Your Thermostat

Always check your thermostat setting first. You need to confirm your thermostat is set to cooling and to your desired temperature setting. It might sound silly but you never know when you may have accidentally changed the setting on your thermostat. If this happens simply change it back to your desired setting and you are ready to go.

2. Check Your Breakers

If your system will not come on or if you have no display on your thermostat, your breaker could have tripped. This simple check could save you a few dollars, as well as, your units downtime while you wait on your air conditioning professional to arrive.

3. Dirty Air Filter - Check It!!

One major cause for your air conditioning unit not cooling or freezing up is a dirty or clogged filter. Lack of airflow from a dirty or clogged filter can cause your system to not cool properly and freeze up. Filters should be checked often and changed on a regular basis.

4. Outside AC Unit not Properly Maintained

Walk outside and look at the condenser coils on your air conditioning system. What do you see? Is there anything blocking the condenser coils air flow? Is it blocked with dirt and debris? If so, this seriously impacts your air conditioner’s cooling ability and efficiency. Cleaning the condenser coils needs to be a regular activity during the summertime.

5. Low on Refrigerant (Freon)

Proper refrigerant levels are not only necessary for keeping your home cool and comfortable. They are also needed to keep your compressor cool. If your system is low on refrigerant, it will cause your compressor to run hot which in turn can cause compressor failure. So now the smaller problem has become a much larger problem and larger problems equal more money out of pocket.

6. Get Proper Maintenance on your Air Conditioning System

Although no one can guarantee your system will not break down, performing the proper maintenance can help prevent your air conditioning system breaking at the most inconvenient time. At Air Comfort Solutions we provide a complete preventative maintenance program to our neighbors throughout the Dallas Metroplex to include, but not limited to: Plano, Allen, McKinney, Frisco, and Richardson. Call us today at (972) 816-5997 or visit our website at ACSolutionstx.com to learn more about our services.

Air Conditioning Repair Service Allen TX

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