Why is My Air Conditioner Making Strange Noises?

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When you turn on your air conditioner you expect it to work properly and keep your home cool and comfortable. One day your system is working fine and then suddenly you notice your air conditioner making new noises. When you start hearing noises like humming, buzzing, or banging noises, this could be a warning sign the system needs to be serviced by an air conditioning company like Air Comfort Solutions. Air conditioning systems are very expensive to replace and that little noise could turn in to something big if not addressed quickly


To ignore the problem is just asking for trouble!!

1. Rattling Noises

Rattling noises coming from your AC unit, could be as simple as something has fell into the vents, such as leaves or sticks. Other items to look for would be loose bolts, screws, or fasteners. However, the sound could also be coming from the compressor. As the system begins to age, it may get louder and begin to make noises, which would be the first sign of a problem with it.

2. Grinding Noises

Grinding noises typically come from the fan motor. This type of noise usually indicates that something might be going wrong with the fan motor, such as a worn bearing.

3. Hissing Noises

A hissing noise coming from the AC unit is often an indication of a refrigerant leak. Some refrigerant leaks can be repaired and the system recharged to manufacturer specifications. This type of repair should only be handled by an HVAC professional.

4. Humming Noises

A humming noise in your system could be a result of a failing electrical part or component. Old condenser fan motors or bad electrical components (wiring, motors, capacitors, contactors, etc.) can put your system at risk from fire.

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