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The following are a few things you can try prior to calling your air conditioning professional when you experience problems such as insufficient airflow or your system not running at all

1. Check Your Breakers

If your system will not come on or if you have no display on your thermostat, your breaker could have tripped. This simple check could save you a few dollars, as well as, your units downtime while you wait on your air conditioning professional to arrive.

2. Examine Your Thermostat

If you have checked your breakers and determined they are not tripped, but your thermostat still has no display, check to see if the thermostat has batteries. If so, try replacing them and see if this gets the system working. Check the setting on the thermostat to confirm it is calling for either cooling or heating. If so and your system is still not working, I recommend contacting your air conditioning professional for help with diagnosing the problem.

3. Check or Change Your Filters

One major cause for your air conditioning unit freezing up is a dirty or clogged filter. Lack of airflow from a dirty or clogged filter can cause your system to freeze and build up ice. Filters should be checked often and changed on a regular basis.

4. Melt Any Ice

If you determine your system is iced up and not cooling properly you will want to melt the ice prior to calling your air conditioning contractor. This is a very simple procedure. Simply turn the cooling portion of your thermostat to off and turn the fan to on will help melt the ice more quickly. Please remember that if your air conditioning contractor shows up and the system is still iced up they will be unable to diagnose the system unit it has completely defrosted.

5. Give it a Good Cleaning

Your outdoor condenser coil may often get dirty and need to be cleaned. You can carefully clean the condenser coil and fan blades. You never want to use an intense stream of water on the coils. It is also important to be very careful with both the coil and fan blades as they are easy to bend and break. Also, be certain to turn the power off at the disconnect prior to any cleaning.

6. Examine Your Ducts

If you do not mind climbing in your attic, look at your ducting system. Visually look at all your duct connections to make certain they are all connected and not loose. If you can get to the connections, feel around the connection to see if you can feel any airflow escaping. If you feel airflow escaping, you may want to get your ducting system properly sealed allowing the airflow to get to the interior of your home instead of losing the airflow to your attic.

7. Check your Auxiliary Drain Pan

While in your attic, you can also check your auxiliary drain pan. This drain pan is normally installed under your evaporator coil to catch condensate water should your primary drain line clog. If you notice water in this auxiliary pan, it could indicate a problem with your primary condensate drain line. If you do notice water in this pan it is usually a good idea to contact your air conditioning contractor to diagnose the system and if needed, blow the drain line to unclog what might be causing the issue. To help prevent this from happening, if you have a clean out on your primary condensate drain line, you can pour a cup of bleach in the condensate line. This might help prevent the primary line from clogging up.

The steps above are some things you might try if your AC unit is on the blink. These can save you a lot of money before you call in a professional air conditioning repair company. Of course, some things dealing with air conditioning repair should only be handled by a competent and professional HVAC service company. Heating and air conditioning repairs such as adding freon, refrigerant leak repairs, and electrical repairs should always be done by specialists.

Do what you can to make it work when you have issues but don't hesitate to call a professional! The experts at Air Comfort Solutions are ready and willing to help.

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