Why is My Heat Pump is Covered in Ice?

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The weather has turned cold and you have turned your heating system on. You notice that your heat pump condenser is covered in a light frost. Don’t panic! In the heating mode it’s normal for a heat pump in to be covered in a light frost. The normal operation of a heat pump will allow the system to periodically go into a brief “defrost mode” to get rid of the frost

We recommend keeping an eye on the system and if the frost isn’t disappearing after an hour or two and the outdoor unit becomes completely iced over, then you have a problem. At this point you need an HVAC professional to diagnose the system and make any necessary repairs.

Below we have listed some common issues that could cause a heat pump to be covered in ice but additional issues could cause this problem

Issues with the Reversing Valve - Additional issues could be from a bad defrost timer, bad defrost thermostat or sensor, or bad defrost control board will prevent the heat pump from defrosting.

Defrost Control Issues - Even though your heat pump is completely iced up and you have to wait for the service professional, you can still have heat. Your heat pump’s thermostat has an emergency heat option that will turn on the backup heating unit (either electric heating coil or gas furnace) that will keep you warm until the system can be repaired.

What Can You Do For Get Heat While Waiting for the Service Professional - Heat pumps use the reversing valve to reverse the flow of refrigerant causing the refrigerant in the outside unit to heat up and melt away the ice. If during the defrost cycle the reversing valve sticks and can’t reverse the flow of refrigerant, it can’t melt the ice.

And, no, you don’t want to keep it set on emergency heat to avoid calling a repair person for help. If the system is an electric heating coil running this a long period of time could result in a monstrous utility bill!

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