Why is My Furnace Making a Loud Noise?

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When your furnace starts making unusual noises, it’s a definite indicator of a problem that needs solving. Let’s see if we can decode the noises first.

Did you know that as your heating system ages, it can lose efficiency, stop working altogether, or worse; emit carbon monoxide into your home, creating a danger for you and your family? So now the cold Texas winter has arrived and you are starting to hear loud noises from your gas furnace. When your furnace starts making unusual noises, it is definitely an indicator of a problem that needs to be addressed. Below we have listed some ideas on what these noises could be

Is it a Banging or Thud Noise?

If the noises you hear are a banging of thud sound when your furnace turns on, there are a few possibilities.

1. Dirty furnace burners - Dirty burners may cause a delay in the burners igniting. This delay will cause gas to build up which causes the loud bang when it finally ignites. If you think you may have a delayed ignition problem you should have this checked by a heating specialist as soon as possible.

2. Ignition malfunction (roll-out) - This is a small explosion when the furnace starts up, or a burst of flame bigger than it needs to be. To see if banging is caused by a gas ignition problem, watch the furnace start up. Listen to pinpoint where the noise is coming from. Once you determine where the noise is coming from you can explain to the HVAC professional what you have noticed to help him with the diagnostic. We do not recommend any individual try to make repairs to their existing furnace without the proper training.

Is it a Screeching, Scraping, or Chirping Noise?

Typically these sounds indicate an issue with the blower assembly. These items would be the blower motor or blower wheel. The blower wheel may be loose from the shaft, broken, or the motor mount may have broken. These items can cause the blower assembly to drop and start rubbing against the blower housing or furnace casing.

While these noises may not be as dangerous as they sound, you definitely want to have the problem resolved as soon as possible. Performing preventative maintenance is a good way to stay aware of what is going on, and perhaps stop problems before they start.

Is it a Whistling or Whooshing Noise?

If your furnace has a whistling or whooshing noise; did this just start, or has it always whistled?

1. Dirty Filter - Check your filter. It may be clogged causing the system to work harder and sucking air from anywhere it can. Pull the filter out and see if this stops the whistling noise. If so, replace with a new filter.

2. Leaks in the Ductwork – See if you can determine where exactly the whistling noise is coming from. If you can locate the area tape up the gaps with foil tape or duct tape. You can also use clear hi-temperature silicone or duct sealant (mastic) to seal them off.

3. Ductwork not sized Properly - If you remove the doors from the furnace and the whistling stops, it may be because opening the unit relieved the suction that was being created. If you can’t find any another cause for the noise, it could be a sign that your ducts are improperly sized; your furnace needs a greater flow of air. This can only be completed by either increasing the size of your existing ductwork or adding new ductwork.

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