Why is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

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Fall has now arrived in North Texas and before long you will be turning on your gas furnace. When you turn your thermostat to heat you expect your furnace to keep your home cozy and warm. When the weather turns colder, the last thing you want is cold air coming from your grilles. There are several reasons why a furnace might be blowing cold air. Some of the causes could be quite simple, while others require the help of an HVAC professional. Here are some items that might cause your furnace to not operate properly

1. Check Your Thermostat

Adjusting the thermostat setting from “on” to “auto” is one small step that’s easy to miss when you transition from cooling to heating. When it’s in the “on” position, your fan will run continuously. When you switch it to “auto,” the fan will only come on while your furnace is running.

2. Change the Air Filter

A dirty filter will restrict airflow in to your furnace. Restricted air flow can overheat your furnace causing a safety control to shut off the burners. This safety mechanism is designed to protect your furnace from overheating and causing additional damage. So if your filter looks dirty, change it.

3. Pilot Light is Out

If you have an older furnace blowing cold air, it may have a pilot light that has gone out. If you’re comfortable doing so, just follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to re-light it safely. If the pilot light does not stay lit, it may need some routine maintenance from your HVAC contractor.

4. Inadequate Gas Supply

Your gas supply could be turned off. Or the gas line isn’t supplying enough gas to your furnace. This can cause your furnace to lock down for safety. Check to confirm your gas supply is turned on.

5. Flame Sensor Needs Replaced

If you’re getting warm air from your registers when your furnace cycles on, but then it quickly goes cold, the flame sensor could be the problem. When the flame sensor is dirty, the gas burner won’t stay lit, and you’ll need to schedule a service call.

6. Major Issues with Ductwork

Large holes and leaks in your ductwork can make it seem like your furnace isn’t working. Cold air from your attic or crawlspace can get into your ducts through the holes.

7. There’s a More Technical Issue

If your gas furnace blows cold air, and you have not identified one of the above common reasons as the cause, it’s likely a more technical issue that your heating contractor can easily diagnose.

If you find your gas furnace is blowing cold air and you need a HVAC professional to assist you please do not hesitate to contact Air Comfort Solutions.

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