Should I Consider Replacement of My Existing Furnace?

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While diagnosing issues with our clients heating and air systems; we are often asked, would it be better to repair or replace my existing system. Several factors go in to making this decision and our position is to offer you all the options available and let you make the decision. We have noted below some things to consider when faced with this decision.

1. If you have an older system that is built before 2000, it's time to consider replacement. Due to decreased efficiencies and EPA changes in refrigerants, your old unit could be costing in additional costs in your utility bill. If your current system is this older than 2000 then your furnace is around 65% efficient and in most cases your air conditioner is 8 SEER or less. The amount you could save in utility costs could help offset the replacement cost. Start now doing your research so you have time to make an educated decision instead of being rushed because your system has quit working any you do not have heating or cooling.

2. Age isn’t the only factor to be considered. If you are faced with multiple repairs or continued problems, now is the time to consider replacement versus repair. You have to know what else could break and is this repair worth the risk. A basic rule of thumb we typically explain to our customers, if the repair cost is going to exceed 30% of the replacement cost they might consider the replacement option.

3. Your heating bills have risen dramatically over the years Even though your furnace may have a few years left before replacement would be required, it may be beneficial to replace now to lower your energy bill due to your furnace’s horrible efficiency. You will need to determine if the new high efficient furnace will reduce your utility bill enough to offset the replacement cost.

We are here to offer our professional opinion explaining all the options and benefits of repairs versus replacement allowing you to make the final informed decision. If you are having issues with your heating system, Air Comfort Solutions is the name to trust for all your heating & air conditioning repair services. Don't subject yourself to potential dangers by attempting to perform your own heating or air conditioning repairs.

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